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May 4, 2011

Be Safe: Stay out of Floodwaters

The public is strongly encouraged to limit travel in flooded areas and use extreme caution. NEVER drive through flooded roadways. Do not attempt to cross flowing streams. Turn Around Don’t Drown! Currents in flood ravaged areas can be particularly strong, proving challenging for even the most skilled water rescue personnel. Trying to unclog storm water drains can pose a dangerous situation and is a potential drowning hazard.

In addition, flood waters may contain bacteria from human and animal wastes. While skin contact with flood water does not, by itself, pose a serious health risk, the public should avoid direct contact with standing water when possible to lessen the chance for infection or illness. Chemical contamination of flood waters can also occur and contamination levels may be higher nearer to sources such as industrial locations. Skin and clothing should be washed thoroughly after contact with flood water.
Flood safety and health information from the Tennessee Department of Health at