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July 25, 2016

Use Tennessee’s Sales Tax Holiday to Stock Essential Items for Your Emergency Kit

Tennessee’s sales tax holiday runs from Friday, July 29, to Sunday, July 31, 2016. So, while you’re stocking up on school supplies, you also can add some key, sales-tax-free items to your family’s emergency kit.

Emergency kit items such as extra clothing and heavy boots are important for all family members to have on-hand in a disaster or emergency. Clothing less than $100, to include coveralls, hiking boots, gloves, rainwear, and winter clothing will be tax-free this weekend..

Baby supplies like clothing, diapers, and blankets are also on the tax-free list and should be in any family’s emergency kit if they have newborns.

Simple items such as markers, pens, notepads, and poster board can help keep children busy when the power is out and they can’t go outside. These items are also important if families need to take notes during emergencies, have a paper version of key contacts and emergency plans, or if they need to make signs to communicate with first responders.

Take some time to review your emergency supply kit to see what items you need, or use Tennessee’s tax-free weekend to begin putting your emergency kit together for yourself and your family.

For more information, visit and see the complete list of tax-exempt items.

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