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December 5, 2013

Tennessee Declares State of Emergency due to Ice and Flooding.

The State of Tennessee has declared a State of Emergency, as of noon, CST, on Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013, due to forecasts for freezing rain and icy conditions in West Tennessee and the potential for flooding in Middle and East Tennessee.

The State’s Emergency Operations Center currently is activated to Level III.

Tennesseans should remember to “Take it Slow in Ice and Snow” and to limit travel as much as possible, and to never drive or venture into standing water.

If travel in unavoidable, be sure to have an emergency kit in your automobile to include blankets, warm and sturdy boots, a flashlight, and a hand-powered charger for mobile devices.

Download the ReadyTN app to get immediate weather updates and information on road conditions directly to your smartphone:

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  • Remember: Ice & Snow: Take It Slow! & Leave Early; Arrive Safely
  • Have a winter safety kit in your car with blankets, gloves, food, flashlight, extra batteries, and warning lights or flares.
  • In Tennessee, call *THP (*847) if you get stranded to be connected to the closest Tennessee Highway Patrol dispatch location.
  • In Tennessee, call 511 for traffic information from the Tennessee Department of Transportation.


  • Avoid downed power lines.
  • DO NOT burn charcoal grills or run generators indoors. Carbon monoxide is odorless and kills silently!
  • Check your generator and fuel before the power goes out.
  • Improperly hooking a generator to your home’s main power can energize lines outside the home and injure workers trying to restore power.


  • Listen to NOAA Weather Radio for winter weather watches and warnings.
  • Monitor local radio and television stations for updates on weather and road conditions.
  • Download the ReadyTN app to get weather, road conditions and emergency preparedness information on your smartphone.
  • Smartphone apps and emergency information are available for TN’s sisters states also expecting severe winter weather: Ready Arkansas for iPhone & Android smartphones; Kentucky Text Alerts; Mississippi Mobile App; and Missouri Public Safety & Emergency Management.