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July 14, 2011

State of Emergency ends for June storms

Governor Bill Haslam has terminated a state of emergency enacted to respond to the high winds, heavy rain and flooding in East Tennessee on June 18 through June 25, 2011. At this time, activities have become more administrative in nature.

This termination was achieved through a proclamation, signed by the Governor on July 8. Emergency personnel will continue to support recovery from the impact of the severe weather and flooding.

On Tuesday, the Governor asked President Barrack Obama to declare a major disaster for seven counties in Tennessee from the late June storms. Should this request for assistance be granted, Anderson, Claiborne, Grainger, Henderson, Knox, Loudon and Marion counties would have access to varying levels of federal assistance programs.

Under state law, a state of emergency exists for 60 days from its declaration, unless extended for another 60-day period or terminated by the Governor using a proclamation or executive order.