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Professional DevelopmentOne of the agency's primary functions is the provision of training to various state, local, federal and private sector emergency management personnel.

This includes training in basic emergency management functions to the training of TEMA certified instructors.

Within this section you will find descriptions of the courses TEMA provides to emergency managers across the state.

Emergency Management Professional Development Series

TEMA 101


Description: This 1 day course is an introduction to TEMA and to emergency management in Tennessee.  This course covers the history of emergency management, hazards in Tennessee, the legal basis for emergency management, TEMA’s organization both administratively and during disasters as well as other introductory topics.  The primary audience for this course is TEMA staff and state emergency services coordinators (ESC).  Local emergency management directors may attend by coordinating with their regional office.


Prerequisites: None




Description: This 3 day course is designed to improve your leadership and influence skills. It addresses the following: What leadership means for emergency management personnel; Leadership from within; How to facilitate change; How to build and rebuild trust in an organization; Using personal influence and political savvy to network and influence people effectively; Fostering an environment for leadership development.


Prerequisites: None




Description: This 5 day course provides participants with an overview of instruction on adult learning, learning objectives and lesson plans, communication skills, instructional delivery, and multi media. Sections of the training are supported by a series of practical exercises that require the student to perform tasks associated with that lesson. This comprehensive program combines lessons in the methods, approaches, and practical techniques for teaching adult education. The target audience includes but not limited to emergency management personnel who have, or may have, a responsibility to teach training classes to emergency professionals.


Prerequisites: None




Description: This 3 day course provides the foundational philosophies and perspectives necessary for the professional emergency manager.  Some of the course topics and themes include: a look at the history and beginnings of emergency management, the four phases of emergency management and their relevance today, the impact of terrorism and homeland security on emergency management and professional standards in emergency management.  The primary audience for this course is TEMA staff, state emergency services coordinators (ESC), local emergency management directors and those in the emergency services and government arena seeking more than a basic understanding of emergency management.  Some minor reading or individual assignments after hours may be incorporated into the course.


Prerequisites: FEMA IS 230 a. Fundamentals of Emergency Management