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Tennessee Emergency Management Plan - Back

The Tennessee Emergency Management Plan (TEMP) is the document that provides the foundation for all disaster and emergency response operations conducted within the state of Tennessee. Tennessee state law requires TEMA to develop this plan and update it on a periodic basis. All local emergency management plans are required to emulate the TEMP in terms of structure and purpose.

When this plan is updated it is carried to the Governor for signature to serve as a contingency plan to implement when an emergency occurs. Then, when the plan is activated it acquires the force of an executive order as supported by TCA 58-2-107.  The plan clarifies the process of officially declaring a state of emergency without a proclamation, and it sets into motion the significant changes in law to operate in an emergency. No state emergency may last longer than 60 days without a Governor's executive order or proclamation extending it.

All of the other plans developed by the agency make reference to the TEMP in some form or fashion. Many of the plans are tabs or sub-elements of the TEMP. Many details of emergency management involving sensitive national security issues, events involving terrorism, locations of critical facilities and references to systemic weaknesses or problems which may develop under catastrophic scenarios, are classified as confidential by state law, closely held by the agency and not made available to the general public.

Tennessee was one of the first states to integrate the Emergency Support Function (ESF) concept into its state plan, and several other states and territories of the United States have used our plan as a model for their own.

Emergency Support Functions

ESF-1 – Transportation
TDOT - Responsible for:
o   Transportation networking
o   Coordinating with FEMA ESF-1 Transportation

ESF-2 – Communications
TEMA OPS & COMMO DIRECTOR - Responsible for:
o   Communications systems and warning systems
o   Coordinating with FEMA ESF-2 Communications

ESF-3 – Infrastructure
TDCI-Codes Enforcement - Responsible for:
o   Building Inspection and Condemnation

TDOT - Responsible for:
o   Route Clearance and Bridge Inspection
o   Debris Removal

TDEC-Water Program - Responsible for:
o   Water and Wastewater Systems

TDOT - Responsible for:
Coordinating with FEMA ESF-3 Public Works & Engineering

ESF-4 – Firefighting
TDCI–Fire Marshal - Responsible for:
o   Firefighting
o   Coordinating with FEMA ESF-4 Firefighting

ESF-5 – Information and Planning
TEMA PEM DIRECTOR - Responsible for:
o   Disaster Intelligence
o   Damage Assessment                 
o   Coordinating with FEMA ESF-5 Emergency Management

TEMA PIO - Responsible for:
o   ESF-5b Public Information
o   Warnings (initial notice by TEMA Operations), protective action guidelines, and public awareness    o   Coordinating with FEMA ESF-15 External Affairs

ESF-6 – Human Services
TEMA/TN DEPT OF HEALTH ESC - Responsible for:
o   Shelter and Mass Care Operations
o   Disaster Victim Services
o   Coordinating with ESF-6 Mass Care, Housing & Human Services

ESF-7 – Resource Management
TDGS - Responsible for:
o   ESF-7a Logistics, Resource Management                                                                                 o   ESF-1b Vehicle Allocation
o   Coordinating with FEMA ESF-7 Resource Management

TEMA DACO - Responsible for:
o   ESF-7c Staging Areas

ESF-8 – Public Health & Crisis Intervention Support
TDOH-EMS - Responsible for:
o   Emergency Medical Services, Public Health, Crisis Intervention Support and Pandemics
o   Coordinating with FEMA ESF-8 Public Health & Medical Svcs

ESF-9 – Search & Rescue
TEMA - Responsible for:
o   Search and Rescue
o   Coordinating with FEMA ESF-9 Urban Search & Rescue

ESF-10 – Environmental Response
TEMA - Responsible for:
o   Hazardous Materials and Radiological Materials
o   Coordinating with FEMA ESF-10 Oil & HAZMAT Response

ESF-11 – Food
TDA - Responsible for:
o   Coordinating with FEMA ESF-11 Agriculture & Natural Resources (for products)

ESF-12 – Energy
TECD-Energy / TRA / TVA - Responsible for:
o   Energy (petroleum, electrical, natural gas, etc.)
o   Coordinating with FEMA ESF-12 Energy

ESF-13 – Law Enforcement
TDOS-THP - Responsible for:
o   Traffic Control, Security and Crime Control, Evacuation/ Movement and Terrorism
o   Coordinating with FEMA ESF-13 Public Safety & Security

TDOC - Responsible for:
o   Institutions and Jails

ESF-14 – Donations and Volunteers
VOAD ESC for ESF-14 - Responsible for:
o   Donations (under Logistics)
o   Volunteers (under Human Needs)
o   Coordinating with FEMA ESF-14 – Long-term Community Recovery and Mitigation

ESF-15 – Recovery
TEMA GRANTS & PROGRAMS DIRECTOR (defaults as State Recovery Officer, if none named) - Responsible for:
o   Assistance Programs, Recovery and Reconstruction
o   Coordinating with FEMA ESF-15 External Affairs

ESF-16 – Animal Housing & Care Services
DOA ESC for ESF-16 - Responsible for:
o   Animal Housing & Care Services, Livestock, and Animal Disease Management
o   Coordinating with FEMA ESF-11 Agriculture & Nat Resources (for Animals)